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Ready To Eat (RTE) foods are a group of food products that are pre-cleaned, Ready-to-Eat meals are convenient for those who cannot afford to spend hours in the kitchen cooking. It is a convenient way to eat home-cooked food without doing all the work. Pre-cooked, mostly packaged, and ready for consumption without prior preparation or cooking. According to the 2009 US Food code (FDA, 2009), RTE foods should be in an edible form without an additional preparation step to achieve food safety. Ready-to-Eat, instant food mix or heat and serve food – regardless of what you call it, there is no denying that ready-to-eat meals are the most convenient food products present in the market today. RTE food is safe enough to be consumed as the companies manufacture these foodservice products under well-protected conditions and they are processed under the rules and regulations laid down by the government. The RTE frozen fruits and vegetables can be carried to any place even where these fruits and vegetables do not grow at all. And as these fruits and vegetables are frozen, they do not lose their nutritional value. The Queensland startup prides itself on being one of the fastest-growing pre-prepared meal companies in Australia. They provide ready-made breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals and deliver them straight to their customer’s doors so they can completely skip the hassles of cooking at home, and make sure they are eating a healthy diet. Ready-to-eat foods may still be in their infancy here in Australia, but it’s pretty clear that the trend is growing at a fast pace. By promising to offer chef-prepared dishes made from the finest, locally-produced ingredients that can be delivered directly to your home or office, there’s no doubt that this ready-meal trend is going to stick around. If you're thinking about jumping in, our store is here for you!