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“Spice is life. It depends upon what you like …………. have fun with it.” Spices are the flowers, fruits, seed's bark, and roots typically of tropical plants and range from brown to black to red in color. Spices have a more pungent flavor than herbs. Learning about the history of spices is to learn about the history of mankind itself. The earliest civilization used spices for medical purposes and for adding flavors to food. Australian herbs and spices were used by people to flavor food in ground ovens. Australian herbs and spices are generally dried and ground to produce a powdered or flaked spice, either used as a single ingredient or in blends. They were used to a limited extent by colonists in the 18th and 19th centuries. Some extracts were used as flavoring during the 20th century. Australian native spices have become more widely recognized and used by non-indigenous people since the early 1980s as part of the bushfood industry, with increasing gourmet use and export. They can also be used as a fresh product. Leaves can be used whole, like a bay leaf in cooking, or spicy fruits are added to various dishes for flavor. Adding spices to food and beverages increases the overall health benefits of food and beverages. Scientific research has shown that mint, cloves, garlic, cinnamon, and ginger have antioxidant properties. So, spend less time searching for expensive spices at your local grocery when you can buy these online. Your satisfaction is important to us and our goal is to deliver a great product and fantastic customer service. No matter what type of spices you need from dried chilies to organic spices buy these from our online store. Shop our huge variety of food seasoning and spices with confidence.